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I try to capture the joy, peace, excitement, or warmth of a city, a province hillside, a Mexican market, music, or beautiful flowers. With my sketchbook in hand, I have studied and painted in France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, England, and the United States. I love the creativity of being able to convey the essence of the experience by using strong color, contrast, and design. It is about the feeling and emotion a subject inspires.

Southwest Art Magazine

Inside Santa Fe Magazine

Santa Fe Focus Magazine

Cover of DFW Art Magazine

Water Color Magic Magazine


Albuquerque Museum of Art

Winner of Contest for 30ft Public Art for City of Plano

Wildflower Music Festival poster for City of Richardson

Signature Status Southwestern Watercolor Society


Houshang Gallery Santa Fe

Fairmont Gallery Dallas

JC Penney Headquarters

Plano City Hall

Crescent Gallery Dallas

Mary Karem Gallery Denison


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